Tonight Alive performs at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas, Texas.

The Get Free Tour made it’s stop in Dallas, Texas, after multiple weeks of being on the road. Broadside and Picturesque joined co-headliners Tonight Alive and Silverstein at the outside music venue Gas Monkey Bar ‘N Grill.

Kyle Hollis, vocalist of Picturesque

Although a chilly night, this didn’t stop show goers from lining up and wrapping around the venue before doors opened.

Picturesque was first on the bill and despite being an opener, they owned the stage. A few sound and mic complications didn’t stop the rock band from immediately hyping up the crowd. With the help of harmonizing fans, Picturesque’s lyrics filled the stage as vocalist Kyle Hollis hit the high notes. Picturesque performed songs off of their new album Back to Beautiful, previously released in July via Equal Vision Records.

Oliver Baxxter, vocalist of Broadside

Broadside was up next and did not disappoint. The pop punk band played songs off of their latest album Paradise and their 2015 release Old Bones. Despite battling a cold, vocalist Oliver Baxxter grooved his way across the stage and hit every note on key. Broadside brought songs like Hidden Colors and Damaged Kids to life with a raw  energetic feel. It looked as though fans felt a sense of home as they sang along to every word. Through hard work and dedication, Broadside’s fan base has tremendously grown with each record they release and each show they perform.

Paul Marc Rousseau, guitarist for Silverstein

Co-headliner Silverstein took over the stage and performed a 16 song set. The Canadian rock band of 17 years played a mixture of songs old and new. Their energetic stage performance was hypnotizing from beginning to end.

Jenna McDougall, vocalist of Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive closed out the night, aiming to make sure The Get Free Tour was a night to remember. Vocalist Jenna McDougall poured her sporadic, funky energy from the stage into the crowd and continuously reminded show goers how thankful she was to be performing on stage. Not forgetting to play the hits such as How Does It Feel? and To Be Free, Tonight Alive played a few songs from their latest album release Underworld. The band slowed it down with a brief acoustic set and ended on a good note with upbeat, positive energy. McDougall briefly stayed behind the barrier to meet fans after the show.

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Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez // IG: @oheyhope

Location: Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill // Dallas, Texas

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