Album artwork by: Alex Xenn // IG: alexenn_

Singer-songwriter, Finley Ohrstrom, also known as Huck Fin, discusses the process of his latest EP, Rehabilitation. 

The six song EP was released on October 13, and is currently streaming on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.

Rehabilitation contains a raw, acoustic vibe and delves deep into the mind of Huck Fin.

This interview was conducted through a thread of emails from Oct. 16-Nov. 26. 

Interview by: Hope Alvarez 

Hope: The artwork for Rehabilitation is incredible and left me speechless (in the best way). Who was the artist behind it and is there meaning behind it?

Huck Fin: I just got start by saying thank you + I’m so sorry! When you reached out to me it was like the coolest thing of my life and then I tried to write the answers a few times, got pissed off and here I am like a month later finally really doing it! And the whole time you have been a patient bean, reminding me, just so nice. Anyway, the artwork, that’s my friend Alex, @alexenn_ on IG and yeah it’s fucking dope! She did such a good job… She lives in Japan (from Philippines), we met online somehow, got to her drawing a portrait of me! She was tight and so I’d always kept her in mind if I’d need help with something in the future. Sure enough, when I tried drawing myself putting my arm into, up, and out my mouth holding my still beating heart, it did not look very good. I hit her up and she does a PERFECT rendition of what I had in mind, so thankful for her. I still haven’t paid her, so I’m putting that here to hold me responsible. Haha, fuck.

When did you figure out that you wanted to become a musician? Was there a specific moment?

I risk getting into semantics here, but I’m not sure I so much ever did! Obviously I love to play my guitar, but it’s always majorly been a vehicle for song writing, same with the singing. Since I’ve started with music it’s really been an uphill battle, I sucked at guitar and really had a pretty bad unpracticed voice. I quit playing music until one day I heard a song my best friend Hayden Witt (produced and did most instruments for Rehabilitation) put out after he’d be institutionalized by his parents and dropped off the map. It was the first I heard of him in over ½ a year and I was really struck by it. I sat down and wrote the first song I ever liked, and just kind of kept doing that. I don’t cover many song like most people, I just sit down everyday and try to figure out how I can actually get the shit from my head into a god damn song so I 1. have it captured and 2. can yell about it haha. So to not get into semantics, lets call it the moment I wrote the song! (ironically it’s called ‘The Most Important Song I’ve Ever Wrote’)

Photo by: Adrián Cano // IG: @adrianjcc

When did you develop the idea that you would like to put out an EP?

When I was getting a little older I wasn’t sure I was gonna stay with music, my voice was still pretty shitty, my songs were okay, but no one liked that type of music. I dunno, my rage was running thin. I was running out of material. I wanted something to capture that period of playing music, and the effort that went into getting my song writing to where it was. Not an EP to share so much as just to have a well recorded set of songs for myself  :). I never got around to it, and I did stop playing music. This past Christmas I asked for a guitar as my old one had terrible sound due to cracks on the side. I started playing again, but now I can sing a little better, and my long-lost buddy Hayden was in LA and excited by the idea of helping. You can probably guess the rest!

How long was the process for creating Rehabilitation?

Took about a day a song, maybe two for College or California because I wrote that on the spot. The rest I’d written (in chronological order) previously in life. We just recorded some tracks (with a fucking metronome, so hard for me hahah) and then came up with some cool shit to put over it! I love anarcho-acoustic-punk-rock so the harmonica and trumpet was my shit, and thank god Hayden had already taken the time to learn them! Some songs have bass and electric guitar, nothing too crazy, I like my music simple, raw and powerful!

Did the lyrics come first or did the music come first?

Lyrics, absolutely. I mean sometimes I’ll find some chords that sound like how I feel first, but like I said, to be a vehicle. The words and their inflection are the core of my music.

Rehabilitation contains very heavy lyrics and it almost feels like listeners are eavesdropping in on a glimpse of your mind? Was this the purpose for the songs?

BECAUSE THEY ARE! I mean I didn’t write this for any of you, matter of fact I never thought any of you would exist! This is bedroom music, these words were born in depths of the circles that haunt me and the sound a product of terrible isolated pain. My music is still that way. I love to write songs because I love to learn about myself and learn about honesty. I love to express myself authentically. I love to feel my existential horror slowly shift into the euphoria of sensational emotion taking up my whole body. I guess what I mean to say is no the purpose is far from other people, but them caring to listen is a really beautiful by-product of the original purpose of self exploration and my effort to be honest.

What is your favorite song off the EP and why?

Wonder Boy! because I just resonate with it the most. That self-hatred and confusion and self-destruction and just rage at all that loves me… I just really understand that. I mean obviously, I wrote it, but I dunno. When I hear it, that song makes a lot of sense to me. I think it has good lyrics relative to my other work, though I strive to be consistent.

As a whole, what does the entire EP represent for you?

It’s suppose to kind of loosely be a chronological story of at least pieces of my struggle, but I mean now it just kind of represents opportunity… Everyone was so cool about it. I’m not gonna lie, I was really hesitant to release it publicly, it’s obviously as personal I know how to be, so to share that with EVERYONE and even PROMOTE that to everyone… it’s a weird thing that needs to be handled delicately. But my point is, everyone accepted it soooo so so well and since I’ve released it I’ve gotten SOOO many awesome DMs. I say opportunity because its kind of proved to me that people will like what I have to say and create and that those things might also be helpful to someone else, beyond just simple entertainment.

What has the response been like for Rehabilitation? Have you performed the EP live yet?

As I said above, the response has just been incredible. I had next to 0 expectation, since release I’ve gotten to hear hundreds of people’s thoughts on it, and have so many cool conversations with those people! And I still have 1,000+ monthly listeners on spotify which is fucking SWEET, like who?!? Thank you! I did perform it! I had all my friends and a few people from the internet come to meet in a park as the sun was setting, and I just drank some beers and explained my life a little in between songs that correlated with that part of life. From what I could tell it was a pretty different and fun for everyone. I’ve had people tell me a few times how much they enjoyed it. I intend to organize more stuff like that. Not just for my own performance, but so other people can share what they do and like. Anything long as it’s small and connected. I mean, it’s not like I wouldn’t play one but all the big ass venues and even mid-sized venues… I don’t even like going to those shows. I have too much fucking anxiety. I like conversations and assessable amounts of people!

Musically, where are you going from here? Do you have any future shows planned?

As I said above, I’d really love to set up more park shows and just general artistic (or even artistic/informational) gatherings so people can share what they do! Not everyone is an artist, but like, physics are awesome, if you wanna give a 20 min lecture on what’s dope to you about physics, that’s a lecture I’d probably wanna hear. I’m hoping to do some state to state traveling (or global if we are around) with my best friend Meghan and just reach out through social medias to organize these events as we pass through! Bam, we meet a bunch of awesome folk, see a bunch of cool shit, then leave them there to befriend each other and strengthen a network of creative individuals wherever they are! Hmu on IG @finley.ohrstrom if you are interested, or if you have any questions. I love to connect with the people who support me! Thanks anyone who read this and really, thank you, Hope, for your patience and kindness!

-Huck Fin

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Photo by: Adrián Cano // IG: @adrianjcc – www.adrianjaramillocano.com
Album artwork by: Alex Xenn // IG: alexenn_

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