K.Flay continued to bring her alternative athems to the Amway Center arena stage during the Imagine Dragons’ Evolve Tour in Orlando, FL.

Playing mostly songs from her new album Every Where Is Some Whear, she unleashed an incredible performance.

The anticipation in the audience for a headliner is always abundant and K.Flay was the perfect opening artist to bring the hype up.  With her opening hit and current single Giver, the energy was brought to a record high.

K.Flay’s grunge alternative sound is made for arena venues and this was proved during her song Black Wave.  She took full control of the stage and along side her head banging and sick dance moves, the big light flashes and intense beat drops became an entertaining eye catcher.

At one point during her set, K.Flay had an engaging moment with the audience.  With almost full audience cooperation, waving hands during High Enough made the dark pop-alternative anthem even more memorable.

Another noticeable advantage during K.Flay’s set was her ability to interact with her stage band while continuously giving attention to the viewers.  Leaning over her guitarist and jumping from their stands brought excitement and even made it seem as though she was the headliner of the night.

K.Flay’s set ended with her popular jam Blood in the Cut.  This is a song that starts with personal, emotional energy but quickly turns to intense rage-filled belts.  During the final chorus of this banger, we saw some impressive high kicks and some powerful emotion.

Photos by: Nick Hudzinski // IG: @nickhudzinski

Location: Orlando, FL // Amway Center

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