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Miki Ratsula, an underground singer, songwriter has recently enhanced the world by releasing her latest song Young Heart. The acoustic artist hyped up listeners by releasing music video teasers and an option to pre-order her musical creation. Release day has finally hit and Miki didn’t disappoint. Young Heart is absolutely breathtaking.

Upon release day, the independent artist visually showcased Young Heart with a music video filmed in Pori, Finland. The enchanting elements of the tall trees and rippling water ties in perfectly with the tranquil acoustic sounds.

Young Heart has already received an overwhelming amount of international love from Miki Ratsula’s 21.6K, and growing, Instagram following. All numbers aside, it’s easy to understand why many feel drawn towards Ratsula’s music. The authentic lyrics in Young Heart make you feel an instant connection.  Pure, passionate, and peaceful is the three word summary for Young Heart. It is the song we all need as we face life lessons, love, and adventure through our own personal growth.

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Written by: Hope Alvarez

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