Neck Deep has yet again hit the pop punk music scene with another great album. From group chants to catchy choruses, The Peace and The Panic is sure to be on repeat for a good time. Each song has a different sound and none of it blends together which is what I look for in finding a new album.

When the single, “In Bloom” was released I automatically caught myself jamming to it in my car and couldn’t wait for more. This song is without a doubt my favorite with the sweet and soft melodic tones. Not to mention the visuals for the music video are aesthetically pleasing. The lyrics are a solid reminder to put your yourself first and moving forward is always for the best.

Many Architects fans can catch Sam Carter making a guest vocal appearance in the song “Don’t Wait”. While you can catch some smooth pop punk jams on this album, this song is without a doubt the heaviest. The drastic change in tone is what makes this album a crowd pleaser for all.

Neck Deep began to slow things down with “Wish You Were Here.” This song brings back a pool of memories with its nostalgic feel and you can be sure to get in touch with your deepest emotions. The acoustic vibes add a nice, soft touch after an abundance of fast paced songs.

With the entirety of the album you can feel the emotion as if you were on a roller coaster. Each song has its own story and if you listen closely you can catch the meaning behind these poetic lyrics making this album extremely relatable to many fans. By each song showcasing individuality, the emotion is more noticeable with each song. You can decipher regret and loneliness in many songs, but each one has its own meaning through it.

The Peace and The Panic has some great music videos to go with it as well. As mentioned earlier In Bloom, and Where Do We Go When We Go, Happy Judgement Day, and Motion Sickness.

Also be sure to check out the tour dates for the self headlining tour of The Peace And The Panic and grab your tickets before its too late because this is a live show you don’t want to miss!

Stream The Peace and The Panic here!

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Written by: Faith Alvarez

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