Vans Warped Tour is often known as the push to help underground musicians get their feet off the ground and gain more listeners. Instead of keeping my focus on the bands that pull in a bigger crowd at Warped Tour I decided to give the rookie bands a chance, and I was more than surprised at what they had to offer. Here are my top three picks from Vans Warped Tour 2017 in Dallas, Texas:

1. Stacked Like Pancakes – I’ve always had a love for ska-punk, but when you throw in influences like Twenty-One Pilots then that’s when you’ve got me hooked. Stacked Like Pancakes isn’t your ordinary ska band. With brass instruments as a heavy part of their sound they also manage to plug in hints of pop, rock and alternative, or as they like to call it; brass-rock. Their crowd started out small, but as soon as they threw in covers from Blink-182, Smash Mouth, and Twenty-One Pilots that’s when they really started grabbing the average festival goer’s attention. I have high hopes for this band and without a doubt know they will start selling out venues nationwide.

2. Knocked Loose – If you’re heavily involved in the hardcore music scene then you’re already familiar with the aggressive Oldham County band. There was much excitement within the scene when Knocked Loose was announced on the Vans Warped Tour lineup, but as the summer went on the band grew like wildfire. In my opinion, this band has grown such a large fan base that they deserved to be upgraded to a bigger stage. Two to three security guards weren’t enough to catch the flying crowd surfers as the gritty band began to play bangers like All My Friends and Deadringer. With a reliable record label, like Pure Noise Records, combined with the band’s hard work, dedication, and passion for music Knocked Loose will continue to grow with further music releases.

3. tiLLie – Pop artist, Tillie, has captured the attention of many with her bubbly personality and extraordinary taste in fashion, but her music is what sets her apart from your average pop artist. She calls herself the leader of the #glittergang and I believe that one hundred percent. I researched the unsigned artist ahead of time and her music instantly made me want to drown myself in glitter. Her powerful lyrics can make anybody feel unstoppable. If you’re into pop with a quirky yet dreamy sound then Tillie is the artist for you.

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Photos/Written by: Hope Alvarez

Location: Starplex Pavillion // Dallas, Texas

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