There’s multiple reasons why I love attending bigger venues while covering concerts as a photojournalist:

1. The lighting is impeccable.

2. The crowd is always a blast and I’m almost always guaranteed to make some new pals.

3. Bigger bands usually have a phenomenal stage presence featuring the occasional confetti cannon blast.

But every now and then I catch myself at smaller venues and the feeling I get there makes the list above disappear. I’m suddenly reminded why I fell in love with concert photography and music in general, not only as a photojournalist, but as a human.

On Saturday, July 8, I made my way to the Dirty 30 in Dallas, Texas. I was invited by my new friends in Naked Walrus to come check out their set. Initially I had never heard of this alternative rock band, but their name intrigued me so I knew I had to come out. I hyped myself up for the day of the show by listening to their music on repeat.

Once their set began I was blown away by their energy. Naked Walrus is currently on the road and has been for almost a solid month, not only playing DIY dates, but Vans Warped Tour as well. The energy they produced was purely ran on passion for the love of music. My admiration for this alt. rock band grew stronger and stronger as the vocalist continued to throw out inspiring words of encouragement. You could tell they were passionate about the musical art they had created in their latest record Simple, and were extremely hyped to share it with unfamiliar crowds.

When I see most musicians performing I notice everyone goes into their bubble and forgets that the crowd even exists, but Naked Walrus is different. The band grooved along together as if they were in their familiar practice space, but also thrived off of crowd interaction and even asked for them to throw their tusks up. It takes passionate, hard working bands like Naked Walrus to remind me why I love attending small venues, but I know they won’t be there for long. This Los Angeles based band will soon be known by many.

Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez

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