As I arrived to RBC in Dallas, Texas I immediately noticed the chalkboard sign that reads “Emo Nite LA Presents: Emo Nite Dallas.” I glance up to see a line look like an intense game of SnakeThis was Emo Nite LA’s fifth time to hit Dallas as it has become a once a month event. DJ’s play the top throwback songs that were probably on everyone’s MySpace profile back in the day. This 18+ event is a chance to forget about adulthood and just relive your days as an emo kid.

After waiting in line and making new friends, I walked into a dark room filled with a crowd chanting the lyrics to Misery Business by Paramore. There were projectors screening random videos along with the words “Every Nite is Emo Nite.” Balloons floated around stating the same message along with the legendary Emo Nite quote “Sad As Fuck.” I lowkey snagged a few because I knew this was going to be a night I didn’t want to forget.

Jay Webster kept the crowd moving all night long, encouraging the 21+ crowd to head to the bar because the party wasn’t stopping anytime soon. More hits continued to blast from the speakers such as Taking Back Sunday, The All-American Rejects, and My Chemical Romance. Emo Nite fans even pushed boundaries by getting on stage with the DJs. It was the perfect mix of a club/concert setting, and in this sea of unfamiliar faces I felt like I was partying with life long friends. I couldn’t be happier to be sad as fuck.

Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez

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