The ‘We Will Detonate!’ Tour went out with a bang during the final date in Dallas, Texas. The room began to fill with fans excited to see co-headliners Sum 41 and Pierce The Veil. The opening band, Chapel, hit the stage and as their music began to fill the room I was more than surprised by what I heard. This band didn’t fit the bill with their pop sound, but they got the crowd moving which was a great way to begin the night.

Bradley Scott Walden // Emarosa

Emarosa hit the stage and after hearing about how amazing their stage presence is, I was stoked to see them. Vocalist, Bradley Scott Walden, immediately jumped off the stage as the band began to play. He started the set off with crowd surfing for the majority of the first three songs. Throughout Emarosa’s entire set I could tell that crowd interaction is vital to their performance. I’ve been to a collection of concerts and there’s nothing worse than a band who doesn’t take the time to interact with show goers. The excitement of Emarosa’s performance kept the crowd pumped just in time for Sum 41.

Deryck Whibley // Sum 41

As a long time fan of  late 90s, early 2000’s punk I was more than excited to finally see Sum 41. ‘The Hell Song’ began and the crowd went off. Sum 41 has been together for about 20 years, but still continues to keep that same fresh look from when they began. They played hit after hit and even threw in a cover of Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Deryck Whibley took advantage of the stage, running around and trying his best to keep the crowd moving as the night went on. He introduced his fellow members (as if we didn’t already know these legends) and gave them the spotlight to play anything they wanted. Finally taking a break from the energy, Deryck asked for the lights to go off and requested that the crowd use their cell phone flashlights. The pitch black room immediately illuminated. This loud, punk rock band suddenly found a way to create silence between the chaos of the show. Sum 41 disappeared from the stage after playing their last few notes from their hit song ‘Fat Lip’. The crowd kept chanting despite the fact that they weren’t the last band on the bill.

Vic Fuentes // Pierce The Veil

Time ticked on and on and Pierce The Veil finally arrived on stage. They dropped their legendary white curtain and opened with Texas Is Forever. I’ve never seen Pierce The Veil live, nor was a huge fan, but after their set I can definitely say they won me over. Not only did they have the most exhilarating stage presence, but the bond between their fans was unlike anything I’ve seen before. As I was in the photo pit I looked back at the crowd to see fans singing along to every word and screaming how much they adored them. They were on a whole new level of dedication, which I quite admired. Guitarist, Tony Perry, and bassist, Jaime Preciado were flying through air as if it was no big deal, strumming every note perfectly on time. Vic effortlessly hit every high note without any problems with pitch. I was pretty blown away to hear how identical their live performance sounded to their recorded albums.

The ‘We Will Detonate!’ Tour was full of firsts for me as I have never seen these bands live, but I can definitely say that I will be going out of my way to see them again. The final night of the ‘We Will Detonate!’ Tour was a monumental moment in concert history.

Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez

Location: South Side Ballroom // Dallas, Texas

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