With a minimal amount of members, you would never be able to tell that KOLARS is only a two piece band. Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown are the ones behind the funky fresh beat that is KOLARS.

KOLARS recently released their self-titled album. The album contains 16 tracks, half of which are instrumentals. The self-titled record contains influences from musicians like David Bowie and The White Stripes, but still remains unique and their own. With Lauren making a beat on the drums by literally dancing on them and Rob Kolar producing a fuzzy sound with his vocals and guitar, it’s safe to say these two are one of a kind.

Described as “glam-a-billy”, KOLARS’ music will you have dancing in no time while simultaneously feeling the urge to throw glitter in the air. (Or is the glitter feeling just me?) The perfectly in sync duo has created a musically profound piece of art that will having you jamming all day long.

Written by: Hope Alvarez

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