After listening to The Cuckoos you’ll feel as if you just wandered through a psychedelic maze. It’s hard to believe that this Austin, Texas based band is so young. Their latest EP contains a sixties sounding rock vibe with wavy guitars and mature voice provided by Kenneth Frost. Unlike most musicians, this four piece band strives to take you back in time with their sound, but still manages to produce a quality piece of instrumental art that you’ve never heard before. Their groovy tunes will put you in a trance and will have you feeling like you’ve just floated through the clouds.

The Cuckoos have a little bit to offer for everyone as they are not committed to a certain style. Each song will take you through a roller coaster of genres ranging from blues, to rock, to indie alternative. The Cuckoos are on a whole new level when they are creating music. Forget the rules, they do what they want and are creating musical art in the process. 
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Written by: Hope Alvarez

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