New Found Glory is currently on the road celebrating twenty years as a band, and on April 28 they will be releasing yet another rockin’ album. The creators of pop punk are slowly fading away and a new generation is taking over, but New Found Glory is here to stay.

Makes Me Sick contains ten tracks that instantly give off refreshing, summer vibes. Their new, unique sound will certainly throw off long time fans, but that doesn’t mean you should write it off as completely awful. After twenty years you can’t expect a band to sound the same, and I personally believe that experimentation is why New Found Glory has remained popular for so long. New Found Glory’s Make Me Sick will capture the attention of fans new to pop punk, causing more inspiration to explode from underground, garage bands.

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New Found Glory is the reason pop punk isn’t dead.

The new sound from Makes Me Sick has been exposed with featured music videos of Party On Apocalypse and Happy Being Miserable, but the experimental sounds don’t stop there. After listening to the album in full its guaranteed you’ll be addicted and have it on repeat. (It’s okay to admit it.) The mix of the upbeat energy from Party On Apocalypse to the tropical vibes from The Sound Of Two Voices to the groovy beats from The Cheapest Thrill are what ties this album together.

Although this doesn’t fully sound like the original New Found Glory, you’ll notice a glimpse of their roots with guitar solos and catchy lyrics that fans will without a doubt shout when crowd surfing.

All in all, this album is stellar and as a long time fan of pop punk its always amazing seeing bands like New Found Glory stepping out of the box.

Written by: Hope Alvarez

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