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Photo by: Nick Orellana – Party Apple Peel – All rights belong to Nick Orellana.

It has been a good while since I’ve written something for Urban Vacancy, but some of you may remember me. My name is Ray, I wrote a review for the latest Thrice album a little under a year ago, but I’m not writing about me, I’m writing about the local music scene in the Chicagoland area.

I had learned about this April 2nd show through a friend who is a local promoter and owner of Vertigo Promotions. I had never heard of any of the bands on this bill, but went anyway to support the local punk scene. As a message to all readers, support your local scene. Your favorite band was once a few people getting paid maybe twenty dollars total to play a fifteen-minute set at a bar to people who had never heard of them.

Photo by: Thomas Pienkowski – Party Apple Peel – All rights belong to Thomas Pienkowski.

I was unfortunately not able to make it to the show in time to see the first two bands of the night, but I showed up just in time to see Frequilibrium. They are a local rock / jazz jam band who completely shut the stage down with their technical, yet melodic playing. Their sound was a mix between late 70s rock, classic rock, modern jazz, and prog rock. Regardless of whether you knew their music or not, it made you want to dance; which many of the people in the crowd did throughout the entirety of their set. They played a mix of originals along with some covers including a Grateful Dead song. Also, their last song included a twenty-four-bar bass solo that, as a bassist, I felt in my soul. Their merch table consisted of thirty or more home printed CDs which they gave away for free; all of which were gone by the end of their set. Overall, I was extremely impressed as a first-time listener.

Photo by: Hayley Orellana – Party Apple Peel – All rights belong to Hayley Orellana.

The next band of the night were the White Siberian Tigers. They were alt-rock / ska wonderful and moved the crowd throughout the set. From the first song, along with the announcement from the singer that this was their last show ever, mosh pits formed throughout the crowd and everyone sang and danced along to give the band an amazing last set. The only disappointment of their set was that it was the first and last time I would see them perform, at least for the foreseeable future. The band played an entire set of originals that ranged from pop punk to reggae and ska. I had never heard of them before, but they honestly sounded like they should be playing at a ska festival in California to a crowd of thousands. Their last song ended with the singer bringing out an old Squier Stratocaster, that he ceremoniously smashed into the stage at the end of the song before throwing its strap into the crowd to a very surprised middle aged woman. Overall, I wish it wasn’t their last show and I would highly recommend anyone who’s reading this to look them up on any social media source they may have.

Finally, Party Apple Peel closed out the night with an amazing set of alternative pop punk music that just about anyone in the crowd could sing along to. Admittedly, I couldn’t see their stage presence as I was running their merch table for the set, but by the energy from the music I’m going to make an educated guess and say that they were just as energetic as the crowd. The music sounded like a band with years of playing experience who should be on tour with bands like Neck Deep, Modern Baseball, and Real Friends among others. There was a good amount of the crowd that had shown up just to see them, not just because it was another show or their friends invited them. For a first-time listener, their music greatly impressed me and I would go out of my way to see them again.

Overall, this show was an amazing way to close out a Sunday night in Chicago. I would recommend anyone who likes pop punk or alternative music to check out the bands I covered in this review.

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