Forever The Sickest Kids Performs After 3 Years | So What?! Kick Off Show Live Review

March 24th was the beginning of a music filled weekend in the DFW area. It was the 10th year of the So What?! Music Festival and I was lucky enough to attend one of the many kick off shows happening in Deep Ellum. The lineup not only introduced me to new music, but took me back to the days when I first began attending shows. The show began with Dallas locals, The Idle Kind, and I’ve never seen a more energetic crowd. Mosh pits immediately opened up and the party began.

The lineup for the night consisted of a mix of genres, but it all meshed together so perfectly. The bands that caught my eye on this bill was Rookie of the Year, He is We, and Forever the Sickest Kids. I never got the chance to see Rookie of the Year and He is We until then, and it was legendary. The sold out crowd sang along to every song and Kyle Lucas even joined Rookie of the Year on guest vocals. A disco ball suddenly appeared and hands swayed in the air.

It was 10:30pm and after eight performances the crowd still had energy for Forever the Sickest Kids. The closed curtains shook and band members surprised the crowd by throwing out free cds to whoever could get their hands on them. Suddenly the curtains were pulled back and FTSK appeared on stage opening with Hey Brittany. It didn’t take very long for the crowd surfers and stage divers to appear, which is classic for an FTSK show. It’s been 3.5 years since Forever the Sickest Kids appeared on stage, so fans showed their excitement with full force.

I’ve been to a lot of shows and this was without a doubt the most energetic show I’ve ever attended. I suddenly remembered why music means to much to me. I was surrounded by a sea of people from all over the United States and never in my life have I felt more unity. This event will definitely go down in history and it’s all thanks to every musician and show goer who attended to remind everyone why the DFW music scene is one of the best music scenes around.

Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez

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