February 7, 2017 was a legendary day for Wichita Falls, Texas. Not much happens in this small town, but when it does they go big. Foreigner has been on the road celebrating their 40th anniversary, and they just happened to be hitting Wichita Falls. The small town community of ages young and old filled up Memorial Auditorium to see one of the most legendary bands play hits like Hot Blooded and I Want To Know What Love Is.

Although the band wasn’t the original line up, that didn’t seem to bother the crowd. Everyone was there for one reason only; to have a good time. The high energy went on for almost a solid two hours and although the venue had seats, they seemed to be invisible to the crowd. Especially when vocalist, Kelly Hansen, decided to run through the crowd not one, but two times. I’m convinced he hit the record for completing the most high fives within a minute.

The nearly sold out show never had a dull moment and most fans didn’t want to believe that the night came to an end. Not only was there an encore, but concert goers blasted their radio with their favorite Foreigner songs to relive their crazy night all over again.

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Written/Photos by: Hope Alvarez

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