Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

You know those bands that you grow up with? No matter what, their latest album is always the background music in your car while running errands or going on a family road trip. Switchfoot has always been that band for me. They were one of the bands that initially introduced me to music. As time went on and I grew up, the band’s music developed a bigger meaning to me. I guess you could say I was a little excited when I got the invite to photograph such a legendary band.

When I arrived to the House of Blues in Dallas, Texas I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were there. Fans, old and new, sold out the venue to see Switchfoot play their newest album, “Where the Light Shines Through.”

Matt Thiessen of Relient K

The show began with the opening band, Relient K (another favorite of mine). They got the crowd moving with hits such as “Sadie Hawkins Dance” and “Be My Escape.” Although they played a variety of songs from past albums, they mainly focused on their newest release “Air for Free.” My favorite thing about the Looking for America Tour was the partnership with non-profit organization, CURE. Both Switchfoot and Relient K made it a point to check out their booth and even played a video giving a little more information on the organization. It’s always incredible to see musicians use their voice to speak up and make a difference.

Drew Shirley of Switchfoot

The time finally came for Switchfoot to hit the stage. They began with a suspenseful countdown and a video overlooking the city of Dallas, which gave the show a much more personal feel. The band except for the vocalist, Jon Foreman, ran onto the stage and began playing “Holy Water.” A video of a silhouetted Foreman appeared and as the chorus hit he appeared on stage, out of no where, causing the crowd to go wild. The energy never stopped and the band even had a few touching, heart to heart moments about love and unity with the crowd. The night closed off with bubbles, confetti, and a three song encore. Looking for America has a few dates left if you’re thinking about attending a show in your area. You don’t want to miss out on an unforgettable night.

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Photos/Written by: Hope Alvarez

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