5 Funny Ways To Come Out

October 11th.

It may seem like any other day, but in the LGBTQ+ community it’s so much more than that. October 11th is known as National Coming Out Day. It’s the day where we come together and let our pride be known, whether you’re gay, trans, or even an ally. 

But what if you’re not about the sappy, heartfelt conversations and you want to come out in a funny way? Well you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are five funny, memorable ways to come out to your friends and family on National Coming Out Day:

  1. Alphabet Soup // Get yourself a can of alphabet soup and spell out your sexuality, gender identity, or whatever it may be! It’s your day, and allies can join in as well! Serve this warm bowl of Queer Soup to someone on this chilly, fall afternoon and maybe they’ll get the hint. 
  2. Mad Libs // Print out an about me edition of Mad Libs and fill it out using only LGBTQ+ vocabulary. 
  3. Write a Song // If you’re musically talented, you could always write a song discussing your love for girls in flannels.
  4. Attend a Gay Club // If you’re 18+, tell your friends you want to go out for the night, but you want to pick the place. They might get the hint once they see you on the dance floor.
  5. Throw a Party // Throw a party, but make sure everything is rainbow themed. Surprise! It’s totally a coming out party.

Written by: Hope Alvarez (A proud lover of cats, flannels, and Tegan and Sara. Surprise, I’m gay!) 

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