As I sit on this overly crowded plane headed from Frankfurt, Germany to Austin, Texas I can’t help but listen to one EP over and over again. Ten hours go by and I’m still listening to the same band on repeat.

The Comedown has recently released a new EP titled “Doubt” and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you’re definitely missing out. This six song musical masterpiece has everything you could ever want, mixing pop alternative with a splash of R&B. The Utah based band shows off their many talents through a mix of genres in each song. The overall vibe of the EP is chill, but also energetic. There’s no Doubt that you need to add The Comedown to your playlist.


  1. Shiver // The first track on the song begins with a slow R&B vibe and creeps to a chorus filled with alternative breakdowns. Fading in and out between the two genres, this is a great hook and beginning to a musical journey.
  2. Empty Room // This time the track gives off an alternative feels included with powerful vocals.
  3. Ro$es // The single that began the countdown to the release of “Doubt.” This was the first time I discovered such a beautiful blend of two completely different genres. The Comedown dared to be different, and because of that they have collected a multitude of fans.
  4. Feelin’ It // You know those songs that are constantly stuck in your head? This is that kind of song, and I’m more than okay with it.
  5. Black Bile // If I had to describe this song in only four words it would be “a fast paced jam.” Listen for yourself and you’ll definitely understand.
  6. For The Last Time // The perfect way to end an EP – Now begins the craving of more music from The Comedown.

Although I can’t wait for the release of more music, I’ll happily settle for this EP. I already know its going to be my go to music when somebody hands me the aux cord because I believe everyone needs a little bit of The Comedown in their life.

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Written by: Hope Alvarez

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