Before You Start Your day, you should really read this; The Tales of a non-concert go-er : twenty one pilots edition

  Traveling to the venue, on the two hour Ride from my Hometown, I was beyond the state of excitement. I was really just exhilarated for the night to come. I had no Doubt that once Twenty One Pilots took the stage, I would be a Goner. Arriving into the venue I was surrounded by a bunch of Heathens, with the same Heavydirtysoul. Not being a regular concert go-er, I really did not know what to expect. I mean, coming from someone that has only been to one concert in the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues Dallas and a Kenny Chesney concert, I really had no expectations to be blown away by this performance.

    Their opening number was very dramatic, but that was expected…right? Opening with an excerpt of Fairly Local, then transitioning into Heavydirtysoul was beyond perfect. I don’t want to label them very theatrical performers, because I don’t believe it gives justice to the show they gave. Crowd participation and their witty personalities played a huge role in the concert. The deeper the concert went, it made me feel as I was alive and had a soul. At one point in the concert, I finally felt that I had one time to twist and one time to shout. Not only did they play songs off of their new album, Blurryface, but also their self-titled and Vessels as well. It gave the audience a variety of their music, new and old.

    As the concert came to an end, there was a tear in my heart. But Friend, Please their closing number of Trees was like a March to the Sea; flawless, weird and awesomely amazing. With red and white confetti covering the venue’s floors, at the end of the show, it showed that Tyler and Josh left it all on the stage. At the end of the show, I just sat in silence, but forgive me, I’m just an Addict with a Pen going on and on about that one time I went to a Twenty One Pilots Concert.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, we have to give the proper credits to Gabby Alvarez for writing a completely punny(HA!) review.

Photos by: Hope Alvarez

Disclaimer: All lyrics and song titles belong to Twenty One Pilots. 

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