Warped W/ Brand New Eyes

As someone who’s been to many concerts and an OzzFest; June 24th, with a few a nit picks here and there: the Vans Warped Tour kicked off the summer with a bang! As I stroll through the Dallas heat, a feeling of excitement and dehydration set in my mind. But to my surprise the first thing I notice is a free water station (Right off the bat, Vans has already won me over). After I fill up my water bottle I began my journey to through a sea of wonderful and some what like minded people to reach the Full Sail Stage to see a much-anticipated; Broadside. Once I grab my first glance in front of this small concrete and metal rod music jungle gym, I could only think, “I’m home.” At that moment was the starting point of a 8 Hour Fun Inferno.

Midday I took a break from watching all of the bands and walked around all of the booths, lost in my thoughts of “Who am I going to see next?” and “Why is it so hot?” Out of the blue, a bubbly hipster with horn-rimmed glasses popped up and offered me an opportunity to earn a whole dollar in exchange for me to watch a four minute video over animal abuse and free range chicken farms. Even though I watched the video with headphones, I couldn’t hear the audio because of The Monster Energy stages. When it was all over the lovely young lady was true to her word and handed me a pamphlet with a dollar inside and she asked me, “What did I learn from this video?” I stood there thinking of things I could say and the only thing I could think of to say was, “I’m willing to do anything for a dollar.”

As the sun started to set in Dallas not only did the sun lower, but so did all of the booths and merch tables. It’s the end of the day and I only had one thing/band in mind: Reel Big Fish. The one problem I had was that I stayed and waited all day to watch Reel Big Fish perform and to only see these guys bust their asses for thirty minutes instead of an hour. Which was really disappointing, especially since it was the last band of that stage. Regardless, I really admire the way Warped Tour has been picking up Hip Hop/Rap artist like Mod Sun in 2015 and this year, Waka Flocka Flame (even though he did not perform this date he still on the tour). I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next Summer’s Warped Tour and my second Warped Tour.

Written by: Steven Garcia

Photos by: Hope Alvarez

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