Based out of Wichita Falls, TX, upcoming indie alternative band Pastel Waves is slowly making a name for themselves. Only in high school, the band has created numerous catchy songs that are almost radio worthy.

Although the band has gone through multiple members they still manage to keep a tight bond and meet numerous times a week at their local Braum’s to discuss creating new music. “Our writing process is typically 90% play and 10% work, but the feedback for our music has been great so we must be doing something right.” says vocalist, Trinity Kronlein. Guitarist, Aiden Potter, typically writes most of the music while Trinity skims through her poetry book. From there the music just flows to create something 100% magical. Because the band has such a tight bond they almost never have creative differences.

Pastel Waves definitely has their own unique sound, but their main influences are bands like Panic! At The Disco, Imagine Dragons, and Twenty One Pilots. Listening to their music is what makes the creative juices flow. If it wasn’t for these inspirations the band wouldn’t be able to dream big. Jokingly or not Pastel Waves mentions wanting to achieve goals like recording an album to one day playing the Super Bowl, but for now they’ll settle with playing shows at their local coffee shop. Keep Pastel Waves in mind though because one day you just might see them on your TV screen.

Listen to Pastel Waves’ gnarly tunez here.

iTunes: Condensation – Single by Pastel Waves

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Written/Photos By: Hope Alvarez

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