The lights go down and everyone starts chanting Further Seems Forever. People try their hardest to get a sneak peak of the set list that has just been taped to the stage. As I’m setting my camera I hear the crowd grow louder and I look up to see Jason Gleason take the stage. Following him is the rest of the band; Steven Kleisath, Chad Neptune, Derick Cordoba, and friend Josh Diaz. I got the opportunity to sit down with the bass player (or as he says, the comic relief of the band), Chad Neptune and drummer, Steven Kleisath. Not only did we talk about Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen, but the details of the How To Start A Fire 2016 Tour.

As the members grew older they realized music should be something that they do for fun. They like to think of their band as an extended family and wanted to simply just celebrate their record How To Start A Fire. There wasn’t an exact reason as to how the tour came into the works other than that they simply wanted to play music. One of the plus sides of touring is the interaction with the fans.”We hear so many stories and what the songs mean to them and it’s unbelievable to think that our music has that sort of impact on people. It’s such a great thing because I definitely feel that way when I listen to certain songs. It’s a unique connection to have.” says Chad Neptune. This was my first time seeing Further Seems Forever live and I could definitely feel the connection that the fans had. The entire crowd sang along and even the children of the families that attended even knew some of the lyrics. I’ve never seen a more dedicated and down to earth fan base.

With big stops on the tour like Los Angeles and Ft. Lauderdale, the band couldn’t really pick a favorite destination. With their busy lives outside of the band, they were thankful to finally take some time to get back to touring. One part that comes with touring is the pre-show warm ups. Along with the typical vocal exercises and stretches that most bands do, Further Seems Forever has a more unique routine. Originating from South Florida, it makes sense for the band to be Miami Heat fans. Further Seems Forever likes to chant, countdown, and slam dunk into an imaginary hoop right before they run on stage. This warm up helps them get pumped before every show. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a fake slam dunk every now and then? If you didn’t get a chance to attend the How To Start a Fire Tour then check out our photo recap! It was definitely an unforgettable night.

Photo recap here!

Written By: Hope Alvarez

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