The Happy Alright // Vacancies


Not only is The Happy Alright kicking off tour today, but they released a new EP called Vacancies. This pop punk band from Dallas, TX continues to amaze me with each new release. I have been following this band since the beginning, and you can tell how much their sound has matured throughout the years. Each member of the band has their own influences which makes for a very unique sound, but they still stay true to the pop punk scene. My favorite thing about music, or pop punk in general, is that most songs can relate to your every day life. So not only is this EP jam worthy, but it is also relatable. Lately I have been in a music drought and could’t find anything to listen to, but thankfully The Happy Alright pulled through and released something amazing. Go check out Vacancies on Bandcamp today:

For an in depth interview of the writing and recording process of the EP. Click here:

Tour starts today, so go to a show and support these cool cats if you’re in the area!


EP Art By: Sean Hadeler

Written By: Hope Alvarez

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