The Butterfly That Started the Tidal Wave: A Legacy Remembered

The Butterfly That Started the Tidal Wave:
A Legacy Remembered

“Look up here I’m in heaven. I’ve got scars that can’t be seen. I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen everybody knows me now.” – David Bowie

Sent to earth to entertain and perform, David Bowie’s legacy will long be remembered in the timeless echoes of his art. To some, his art would be his music, but if it is true that art often imitates life then Bowie’s life was art. Since his debut in the early 70s he began advocating for those without a voice calling attention to the lack of radio time black artists were receiving. He shattered gender barriers with his androgyny and brought the idea of gender and sexual fluidity to the fore front of society and captured the world for generations to come. Bowie’s life seemed nothing more than an extension of his stage performance; everything carefully calculated evoking a commanding, almost ethereal connection to his listeners. His final album “Blackstar” and subsequent death two days later seemed all too perfect of a farewell for the glitter drenched androgygod. His musical ascension ritual complete, his space odyssey has come to a close and we the outcasts are left to reflect as the true king of pop loves on through every weird and non-conform.

So take this makeup and these photos as an hommage to a man that captivated so many.

Written By: Keyton Daniels

Makeup By: Faith Alvarez

Photos By: Hope Alvarez

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