New Year, New Music: The Happy Alright Releases New EP, VACANCIES, on March 4th


Urban Vacancy recently sat down with the members of The Happy Alright to talk about their upcoming EP called Vacancies. If you don’t already know, The Happy Alright is a four piece, pop punk band from Dallas, Texas. They’ve released multiple records and couldn’t wait much longer to release this upcoming one. Here’s what they had to say about Vacancies and their music in general:

How would you describe your music for people who have never listened to you before?

Sterling (Vocals/Guitar): We’re in the vein of alternative music, but if you branched out onto the family tree of alt. music we’d be down there with punk and a little bit of emo as well.

Mason (Bass): With this most recent record we all collaborated and went off of everyone’s influences, so its kind of a mix of multiple genres. We all listen to different things and we hope that you can notice that throughout this newest EP.

What was the process of writing Vacancies, and did the lyrics or music come first?

Sterling: It kind of depends. On this EP we jammed around with the music for a long time, and went through seven or eight different songs and only kept two. Then we wrote a lot more, and then got to the lyrics and vocals, and then we went to the studio to record it.

Mason: Writing and recording definitely overlapped a bit. We kept getting ideas and just went from there.

Did you ever hit a stop while in the writing process? What do you do to get yourself out of that?

Brad (Drums): This summer we all just locked ourselves in a practice room for a week and spent eight hours a day writing. It all just starts with throwing ideas out, and if we get frustrated we decide to leave it alone and come back to it later. Some songs we work on separately. I attempted to write some guitar parts, but it’s difficult when I hardly know how to play guitar. From my experience, it all just takes time to get through that block.

Mason: I think that week we spent together really helped us grow as a band.

Sterling: It definitely helped. We realized that we can spend the entire day talking to each other and by the end of the day we may hate each other, but we always wake up ready to start writing again. We created a really great formula and even though it was a process we created something we’re really proud of. We also watched a lot of Jurassic World that week.

How long did it take you to record the EP from start to finish?

Sterling: It only took us two days. We were really rehearsed with the majority of our songs except for one. That one I’m really proud of though because it just kind of spilled out while we were recording. It was really cool to see everything work out so well.

Brad: The last EP took about three recording days and it was spread out within a month, but for this newest EP we really wanted to have everything rehearsed. Everything was a lot more productive because we gave ourselves a limit of two days to get it all done.

How do you think your music has evolved compared to past release?

Mason: Before this EP it was mainly Sterling writing all of the instrumentals and lyrics, but for this one it was a lot more collaborative.

Sterling: Even though we all think in different ways we’re still able to agree on a lot of things to produce an amazing sound.

Do you guys have a favorite song or lyric off of Vacancies?

Mason: If I had to absolutely pick a favorite song it would have to be Church Steps because that was the first song that really came together for this EP.

Brad: I think mine would have to be Parking Garage. We actually came out with a music video for it too!

Sterling: Parking Garage definitely has the most musical parts, so it’s really fun to jam to.

Since it’s a new year what can we expect in the future?

Johnathan (Guitar): WARPED TOUR. Just kidding. Don’t listen to me because I give all the wrong answers. I thought our EP was called Vaccines at first.

Sterling: We definitely want to play a lot more shows in a lot more new cities. We might be recording new music, but the writing definitely never stops.

Mason: I tried to stop writing and it’s literally impossible.

Sterling: This is definitely going to be a productive year for The Happy Alright.


We don’t know about you, but Urban Vacancy is excited to see what The Happy Alright accomplishes in 2016. With upcoming tours and music releases this band is definitely one you need to keep a look out for. While you patiently wait for the release of Vacancies check out the newest music video they released for their song Parking Garage!

Directed By: Sterling Gavinski, Gus Rives, Andrew Oh




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EP Art By: Sean Hadeler

Photo By: Helen Rieger

Written By: Hope Alvarez

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