Based in Wichita Falls, Texas is the bubbly musician Polly Pocket. It all started when she was sixteen years old, Polly Pocket, otherwise known as Nicole Barron, saw a pattern in her local music scene. It mainly consisted of indie and metal musicians, but Nicole wanted to be different. She decided to create her own company, Babies Productions, and booked local shows. Her dream was to be in a band, but she felt like nobody shared the same creative vision as her. That’s when Polly Pocket was born. Polly Pocket’s unique, electronic sound soon caught everyones attention. As local shows began to culturally grow, so did Nicole’s one woman band.

There were three phases of how Polly Pocket was created.

Phase One: The Name

When Nicole was in Junior High a group of her friends decided they should all have doll nicknames. Nicole was given the name Polly Pocket. Nicole never understood why Polly Pocket was chosen as her nickname, but it soon stuck and became a big part of her life.

Phase Two: The Writing Process

Nicole is very dedicated when she starts a project, so Polly Pocket wasn’t something she was going to throw to the side. She didn’t know how to practice efficiently, so she did what any other teenager would do. After many google searches, Nicole finally figured out her own system. It starts with a riff, moves on to percussion, and lastly the lyrics are created.

Phase Three: The Inspiration

Grimes, Purity Ring, and Chvrches are Polly Pocket’s main inspiration for her experimental sound. The funky, upbeat tunes has always been something Nicole wanted to create.

Polly Pocket isn’t sure what direction she is going in right now. All that’s on her to do list is to record a new album and play more gigs. For more updates on Polly Pocket’s show, click the link below:




Written/Photo By: Hope Alvarez

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